Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,


As many of you know, Susan and I are beginning new journeys.  We have jokingly said, "someday we will get divorced".  WE ARE---- having had many great years together, teaching, traveling and being Covid Quarantine Queens.  But, it is time for us to both move forward.  Susan will be heading to Texas to live with her husband, then will eventually be West of the Rockies.  

I will be heading to my dream place of Siem Reap, Cambodia, doing volunteer work and exploring the country.  People ask if I will be teaching in Cambodia.  This is a journey I am letting unfold as it will..........


I have been facilitating for the past year as to what to do with The Pilates Loft.  When I opened the studio 15 years ago, I never envisioned my teaching taking me to where it is in 2022.

The community has embraced not only the studio, but Susan and me and our instructors.  Our clients have stood by us through great personal challenges. There are not enough words to express our appreciation for the love and support you have given us, both professionally and personally.  

Besides our clients, The Pilates Loft is what it is because of the wonderful space.  I knew the minute I walked in what the name of the studio would be as it was obvious!  Unfortunately, Tribridge Management and Newnan Loft Apartments are converting the commercial space to work/live space in 2023 and were not open to offering a new owner a lease term nor go month-to-month.  It is difficult to sell a business when there is no space involved.

Susan & I  have accepted an offer on our house and are moving forward with the process!  RAPIDLY!


The hardest sentence is this:

We will be closing the studio on July 22nd. 


This will give Suzanne and Bill time to test out and client packages to be finished.  

Understand we have tried to keep the studio open.  The integrity you expect from your Pilates instructor is something we refuse to compromise on. 

We will be selling the apparatus. Current Certified Instructors of the Pilates Loft do have first choice.  Once they have selected what they want, the information of available apparatus will be offered to Metro Atlanta and Southeast Regional Pilates Instructors.   After that we will offer any available apparatus to clients. You will also be getting contact information of local instructors so you can continue your Pilates practice should you want to reach out to them.

Please know, this is one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make during the process of a new life adventure. But, I have always believed that reinventing oneself keeps a person relevant, young and ambitious.  It is time... time for us to grow as new souls, time for us to explore new life journeys and time for us to recharge.  


Again, we thank you all for embracing us into the community as you have embraced The Pilates Loft as well as the Pilates Method.


With Full Hearts,

Mary Ann Briggs, Owner and                                Susan Babcock 

Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master                                Lead Instructor

Core Dynamics Training Center                                 1st Graduate of Lolita's Legacy


Every Body, Defined.

Mary Ann Briggs, Owner

Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master 

Core Dynamics Training Center


Every Body, Defined.