Core Dynamics Teacher Training

For me, training new instructors is one of the most rewarding parts of my Pilates life. As a Core Dynamics Teacher Trainer, I find teaching the work of Eve Gentry incredibly personal to my teaching style. The Pilates Method has such a healing effect on individuals that training people who embrace movement inspires me daily.

Being a Teacher Trainer takes someone who not only enjoys teaching the Pilates repertories, but someone that understands how to teach movement to people that want to teach movement. What you say?! If you have never taught any type of movement discipline, teaching people how to move is not an easy task. When teaching trainees, I teach with a technique that will include a break down of the movement, what is mobile and what is moving in the body and how to create a class that flows like a dance.

There are many Certification Programs out there. But what makes the program successful, is the Teacher Trainer. I am proud to be part of the small, but intelligent group of Core Dynamics trainers that take pride in staying loyal to the works of Joseph Pilates and Eve Gentry.

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