We have reviewed the studio protocol, updated the procedures and addressed some group class issues. 

We are going to continue to ask EVERYONE to continue to wear their mask upon entering and leaving the studio.  If you still don't have a mask, we do have some right by the door for your use.  

If you are working downstairs with your instructor, please continue to take your personal belongings with you. 

 NOW.. the changes.  

As children head back to school, pre-school, day care etc., we are asking for all participants in group classes to now wear a mask.  We have found; from our personal practice; the cone shaped KN95 masks work the best as far as breathing.  The cloth masks do tend to interfere with deep breathing.  

We are also asking you to remove all tape from the handles that we have been covering, spray your apparatus and any props you used during the class.

For our private clients, it is up to you and your instructor if you are to wear a mask.  We will continue to wear our masks.

However, as a courtesy to our instructors, if you do have a child in any school, we ask you to wear your mask during your session. 

NOW .. good news! 

 We are evaluating a new Beginner Group class on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00pm.  This will be like all the other group classes, sign-up is required. Class is  limited to four.  You will be charged if you short cancel.  

The short cancel policy and sign up requirement applies to all group classes. We are typically running with a wait list!  

We are also considering adding the Saturday class back.

Unfortunately, we believe this will continue to be the "new normal" until a confirmed effective vaccine is created.  Our goal continues to be to remain open through this time, provide the cleanest environment we can, and ask you to be considerate to others, not only in the studio but when out in public.  If you have any questions about these new guidelines, please feel free to call, text or email.  


Introduction to Pilates

Just that! If you have never tried Pilates and would like to learn more,

this is the class for you! This group class also offers a nice gentle

way to move your body for those experienced inthe Pilates Method.


Beginner Apparatus Class

Geared to those new to Pilates Equipment. We do encourage participants

to have a basic understanding and knowledge of Pilates movements

and terminology.


Group Mat Classes

The foundation of Joseph Pilates work and some believe the most challenging

of the Pilates method. Mats, Magic Circles, Hand Weights are

provided by the studio.


Group Apparatus Class

Clients must have previous experience working on the Pilates apparatus.

These classes use either the Universal Reformer, Towers or Chairs.  

If you are new to Pilates, we do require 3 private-sessions before 

joining a group apparatus class.


Advanced Apparatus Class

This class is available to those with a strong working knowledge of Pilates,

experience on the apparatus and prior approval to join from a Pilates Loft

instructor.  Class size is limited, call, text or email to reserve your spot!


Building Better Bones

This class focuses on balance, daily activities of living and offers safe

movement options for those with Osteoporosis, Pre/Post-Natal and

those of the aging population.



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