The Pilates Loft is a National Pilates Teacher Training Affiliation with Core Dynamics
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The Core Dynamics Pilates Teacher Training Program places its focus on developing students to embody the Pilates method, understand human movement and to teach the Pilates method correctly to a wide variety of clientele versus just teaching the exercises or just leading classes. Core Dynamics offers a specialized ’boutique’ program rooted in historical Pilates, and updated with current safety, efficacy and bio-mechanic developments in human movement. We offer small class size, individual attention, mentorship experiences and a highly qualified affiliate studio network.

The teacher training program begins with CORE 101. This introductory Pilates training program training is appropriate for those interested in deepening and expanding their own Pilates practice or for beginning a path to become a Pilates teacher. This program consists of 2,  2 1/2 day weekend intensives and includes required hours of personal practice, observation and student teaching. Video resources are provided as tools to log observation, and self-practice hours. These resources are available on demand so you can adjust the Program to suit your availability. Hours can also be directly logged at one of our Core Dynamics mentoring studios.

Upon successful completion of the CORE 101 Program and a passing score on both the practical and written test students will receive a certificate which qualifies them to teach the CORE 101fundamentals and Pilates Mat work.

The next and final step in our Pilates teacher training is the COREComprehensive Program. This portion consists of 3, 3 day weekend intensives and covers a full syllabus of Pilates exercises on the Mat and all of the equipment.

As a student you will:

  • Learn the concept behind the Pilates system of exercises

  • Learn the historical Pilates exercise repertoire

  • Gain a foundation in seeing and correcting posture faults and movement limitations in your clients

  • How to adapt and progress exercises and so much more!

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