About Our Studio


When The Pilates Loft opened in 2007, our goal was to create a non-competitive, judgement-free, safe place for people of all ages to move their bodies and practice the Pilates Method of Exercise.  We have accomplished this and continue to focus on the individual, even in our group classes.  Our instructors are trained to recognize the significance of Joseph Pilates' original work and incorporate his philosophy into each session.  We strive for precision in each movement ensuring each client is working in a safe and effective manner.  The Pilates Loft is a boutique studio where we recognize that everybody can do Pilates but EVERY BODY is unique and needs to be treated with respect in order for personal goals to be achieved.


The Pilates Loft, located in a converted cotton mill, is an 1800-square foot space of wood plank floors and exposed brick walls.  This lends to the intimate and personalized atmosphere we seek to sustain at our studio eliminating the competitive atmosphere often experienced in big-box  fitness centers.  It is not uncommon to find clients lounging in the sitting area discussing their daily life activities before or after a session or group class.  We want our clients to feel safe not only when they are working but when they need to discuss physical challenges they are experiencing.

Beauty in movement comes in all shapes and sizes and is amazing to watch when the mind and body move in harmony.  To learn more about the classes offered at The Pilates Loft fo Newnan, read our Class Descriptions or contact us below.


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